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At UNA, we understand that every inhale is a story of trust and every exhale, a release into the sanctuary you call home. Our air purifiers are designed with this delicate balance in mind, ensuring that while life outside continues to bustle, your indoor world remains a haven of purity and peace.

Why care about air?

The Pervasive Impact of Singapore's Yearly Haze: An Unavoidable Reality

The annual haze in Singapore significantly compromises air quality, posing serious health risks particularly for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children, and those with pre-existing conditions. Effective household strategies, including the use of air purifiers, are essential for maintaining indoor air quality during these periods. Air purifiers filter out harmful particles and pollutants, crucial for preventing respiratory and cardiovascular issues and enhancing overall well-being. Sealing windows and wearing masks also contribute to protecting indoor environments and personal health.

This persistent environmental issue highlights the urgent need for stronger environmental policies to mitigate haze-causing activities like open burning and deforestation. Enforcing stricter regulations and fostering international collaboration can reduce the incidence and impact of haze, safeguarding public health and promoting long-term environmental sustainability. These combined efforts ensure a cleaner, healthier air quality for all residents, addressing both immediate and future health concerns.


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